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To support our efforts to facilitate conversations within the community, we are launching this blog series to provide a platform to showcase your ideas, opinions, thoughts, creative work, inspirations, and more! Blog articles can be thought-provoking or informative on any topic related to art, culture and heritage, and preferably with a connection to our region. Whether you have a refined pen or want to develop your writing voice, we are proud to offer you a platform and include your thoughts in our virtual content!


  • Submissions are open to the entire community and are not limited to CAPRAC members.
  • To participate, you can express your interest by emailing at any time (preferably one month before the next publication). The subject line of your email should read "Community Blog Interest". The publication schedule will be determined by CAPRAC.
  • The articles will be published at the same time as the monthly newsletter and will be included in it. Our newsletter is published during the first week of each month.
  • The topic and structure of the article is suggested by the author and approved by CAPRAC. The topic must be consistent with the vision of this series. If someone wants to participate in this project, but does not have an idea for a topic, CAPRAC can offer leads or suggestions (see list of topic leads). The structure can be, but is not limited to, an opinion piece, tutorial, infographic, event or project presentation, analysis, etc.
  • The article should be approximately 500-600 words. It is possible to submit an article with more or less words if the content or format justifies it.
  • Give your article a short title. Catchy titles are great, but make sure they directly state what the article is about.
  • You can choose to write in French or in English. You are free to provide the translation yourself, otherwise, CAPRAC will take care of the translation to ensure that the content is accessible.
  • Your article should be written in a friendly, conversational, less formal and more accessible tone. Decide on your article's specific audience (artists, cultural workers, consumers and lovers of art and culture, etc.).
  • The article must be grammatically correct and well written (clear and consistent). Although we will proofread it, we are not able to offer comprehensive proofreading services.
  • Content must be original and preferably never published elsewhere. Plagiarism is prohibited and quotes or paraphrases must be accompanied by a link to the source.
  • Your article cannot be only a marketing tool and should not be entirely self-promotional.
  • It is impossible to separate everyday life from socio-political reality, but your blog must not take part in partisan politics. Hate speech, intimidation, discrimination of any kind and false information will not be accepted.
  • The opinions and views expressed by the participating authors do not reflect the views of CAPRAC.
  • CAPRAC does not reserve any rights to your content beyond its publication on our website and its sharing on our social networks and in our newsletter. The author may request the removal of his/her content at any time after publication.

Submitting your blog article

  • A first draft should be submitted 10 business days before publication, to allow time for review and correction.
  • We reserve the right to make changes to the article (in collaboration with the author) or to refuse publication of a submission.
  • Send your article to in Google Doc or Microsoft Word format.
  • By agreeing to contribute to this project, you consent to the publication of your blog, your name and your biography on our website as well as the promotion of these in our monthly newsletter and on our social media.

Additional material required

  • We request a short bio (approximately 50-70 words or 2-3 sentences) of the author, including the name you agree to publish and other relevant identifying titles. Please send links to your website and/or your professional Facebook page and/or your professional Instagram page.
  • You may send a photo of yourself (headshot) to accompany your bio (in JPG or PNG format, minimum 150x150 pixels).
  • It is recommended that you include at least one image, but they must be related to the theme of the article (maximum of 3). If you choose not to include an image, we will include one. Feel free to add a personal image featuring your creative work or any other image to visually accompany your blog. You are responsible for sending us the image credits. In the case of a stock photo, it must be royalty free and can be shared and modified for marketing/commercial purposes (images must be in JPG or PNG format, minimum 300x300 pixels).

Ready to start?

Here is a short checklist to make sure you have everything you need!

  1. Express your interest and confirm details with us by email (
  2. Your blog article with a catchy title
  3. Author's name, short bio and photo
  4. One or more images with credits

Need some inspiration?

These are only suggestions, the possibilities for themes are not limited to these.

  • Short tutorial showing an element of your art practice or an experience that taught you something about your practice.
  • Sharing knowledge related to art, culture or heritage.
  • Presentation of an event, project or effort related to art, culture or heritage and its benefit to the community.
  • A reflection on an important or commemorative day or month (e.g. National Aboriginal History Month, Canadian Multiculturalism Day, World Art Day).
  • A presentation of an artist or work that inspires you.

Remember that successful blog entries generally invite readers to think, learn and, if possible, engage in conversation!

Happy writing!

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