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Line Labrecque is a polymer clay artist. She discovered this medium in 2005. She likes this medium for its versatility, lending itself to many types of creation. Line lingers on perfecting her works whose inspirations come from nature and the world around her. She likes to follow her ideas and emotions in order to create sculptures of all kinds. Her love for 2020 is the creation of small works of Christmas tree decorations for the holidays. Line especially likes to make a connection with the people who admire her works, to know their reactions and ideas.

"I practice making Art by taking everyday objects, those that are part of our daily living, and turning them into small works of art. In this way we touch and live with beautiful things. My sculptures have the same goal but at a different level. I like to take an idea that can be a positive or negative feeling and find a more enriching interpretation using humor or compassion. Making art gives me a voice to the beautiful and the not so beautiful in the world so that I can put my little bit of salt in it".

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