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Marie-Claude Dubé is a teacher who graduated from UQTR in 2004 and lives in Limoges, Ontario. Always looking for new adventures in the four corners of the world and demonstrating a boundless curiosity for her profession, she does not hesitate to open up and experiment with different teaching methods to stimulate the pleasure of learning in children. Having practiced her career out of passion for a few years in the Laurentians in Quebec, in addition to a professional experience in Nunavut, she is now exploring the marginal adventure of homeschooling in the Eastern Ontario region. In addition to being the author of the books: Des étoiles dans les yeux (2021) and Parfaitement alignée (2022), she is the founder of Paradis Nature-Espace d'apprentissages libres in Eastern Ontario, where she plans, supports and facilitates activities for families who are learning together. The author has also been offering writing support for some time for people who want to write a book. Overflowing with an infectious joie de vivre, she follows her path, perfectly aligned with what resonates in her heart.

"Two years ago, my passion for writing was born. Following my numerous trips around the world and my openness to alternatives in education, I told myself that I absolutely had to leave a trace of my passage on Earth, in order to leave a legacy of my experience, even my vision of the world of education. To have Étoiles dans les yeux (2021), is to maintain our flame, our sacred fire, despite the trials that come our way. To be Parfaitement alignée (2022) is to dare to follow our intuitions, the little voice of our heart. Through my novels, I want to share my journey as a woman, from military to adventurer, from teacher to mother, from parent-educator to author. I want my travel stories and my professional experiences to be inspiring, to open people's consciousness to the great world around us. A wonderful way, through the reading of my works to discover its true treasure, even its right and authentic human potential."

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