Find Your Miracles Where They Are

July 2022 article by: Line Labrecque
featured image: Entwife, by Line Labrecque

I’m sure I’m not the only one who still feels the residual effects of the May 21 derecho storm. As I write this, it’s been a month and I get anxious when the wind gets too strong, or the rain comes down too hard. I find myself listening for the sound of breaking branches. When I chat about this with others, they all resonate and share those feelings. 

We were luckier than most. The damage to our property was minimal compared to other places I see when I travel in the region.  Still, the aftermath of being in the storm and witnessing the devastation afterwards are affecting my sense of safety. 

Enter the catalpa, the beautiful, gigantic tree in my neighbour’s front yard. It’s about 4 stories high and come June, it flowers into a wonderful gigantic ball of white and purple flowers. I have watched it bloom for many years. 

This year, as I watched it do its thing, it dawned on me that the tree survived the storm intact. Then I realized how much I rely on this catalpa to tell me of the seasons.  In early spring, it is in this catalpa that I wait to see my first robin announcing that spring is finally here. In June, it flowers into all its glory when summer arrives. In the fall, its seed pods tell me that summer’s fruit and bounty are at their peak. In winter, its trunk and branches cast shadows on fresh snow creating beautiful shadow designs. 

I am so grateful that “my” catalpa survived the storm without damage. I am grateful for the lesson in tenacity and resilience. If this majestic creation can survive that storm, then so can I. Nature is always present, always evolving to survive. Since I am part of that Nature, I too, have it in me to be tenacious, evolving, and resilient enough to surpass what life throws at me.

Nature is my greatest inspiration. I use my artful skills to explore and understand my environment. I can paint, sculpt, and write about my feelings and thoughts. Nature brings me moments of pure and simple joy. However, we must remember to respect Nature, its force, and wisdom. We may not understand it all, but we can enjoy, nurture and simply be in its presence and we are better for it. This awareness, understanding guides our decisions that form our lives and our heritage. This “artful” process is what builds the world we live in. 

It's funny to think that a tree would help me let go of the residual fear from the May storm. The gifts from Nature are numerous and learning to see them and accepting them gives us all a glimpse into the miracles that surround us.

May you find your miracles where they are.

Line Labrecque's main goal is to find meaning in the world around her. She uses polymer clay, words, and fibres as a medium to do so. Her ultimate goal is to create connections between artistic expression and the world.

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  • Tellement bien dit, Line! J’ai fait suivre ton article à mon mari, Gerry (aussi de La Citadelle). Ça pourrait être le fun de se rencontrer pour un café, une bière, peu importe… Si ça t’en dit, fais-moi signe.

    Lynn Bray-Levac
  • svp montrez-nous la photo du catalpa

    Christine Lenoir Godin

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