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February 2022 article by: Line Labrecque
featured image: Birds of a Feather, by Line Labrecque


New Project

I am honoured to introduce a brand new project for CAPRAC. This is an opportunity for you, CAPRAC members and the interested community, to share ideas, discover talents and bring people together under common themes.

A Blog for you and by you

CAPRAC is launching a new blog that will be fuelled by the people of the Prescott-Russell community. We seek to discuss, demonstrate and promote the best of our corner of the world in the artistic, cultural and heritage sectors. 

How can you participate? The link below explains what we are looking for and all the details you need to know.  To start the conversation, we ask ourselves, "Why a blog? How will my ideas get across?" and "What exactly is a blog?"

Achieving our mission

A blog is primarily a piece of writing, such as: an article, an opinion piece, an infographic, a photo or an image accompanied by text. Its purpose is to share ideas, or an experience that the author wishes to tell. The reasons behind this sharing are many and as varied as the authors themselves. CAPRAC wants to encourage dialogue, to facilitate exchanges between people who are part of our region. Our mission, "to inform the community about the various cultural, artistic and heritage events in the region, to bring together actors from the spheres of culture, arts and heritage, to support the implementation of unifying initiatives, and to promote Prescott and Russell’s arts, culture and heritage", will be made stronger with your ideas, your efforts and your sharing.

Share your ideas

Now it's time to brainstorm on how you can be part of the upcoming conversations and how you can contribute to the development of the arts, culture and heritage scene in the region. Prescott-Russell is a place with a rich history. This richness resides in our lives and in our hearts. We have the right to be proud of it. Sharing this history, these stories, is meant to show us what we have accomplished as well as perhaps reveal the way forward. 

Now, I invite you to check out this link to learn about the project details and to contact us with your ideas. The success of this project depends on your attention and talents. 

“Read” you soon!

Line Labrecque


Line Labrecque's main goal is to find meaning in the world around her. She uses polymer clay, words, and fibres as a medium to do so. Her ultimate goal is to create connections between artistic expression and the world.

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