HOW TO | Google Drive & Sheets for Artists

In our previous blogs, we presented the importance of some free online tools such as social media platforms. With the help of artist, and vice-president of the Prescott-Russell Arts Council, Tina Petrovicz, this blog will focus on how artists can use some of the free tools available through a Google account.

Maybe you already have a Gmail / Google account simply to use the email function (If not, it is free and simple - Click here for more info). Did you know that your account gives you access to many free tools such as Drive, Docs, Sheets and even Youtube? For artists or cultural organisations, these tools can be very useful for many reasons, though they may be challenging to understand how they work at first.

Tina has launched a series of video tutorials for novice users and/or artists looking to get the most out of Google's tools.


Intro to Google Drive and file sharing

In the first video, Tina provides step-by-step instructions on how to get started using Google Drive and gives an overview of its file sharing capabilities. By explaining how artists, artist groups and arts organizations can make the best use of Google Drive, even non-starters will get something out of it.


How to make an art inventory using Google Sheets

The next two videos are about Google Sheets. This tool can be used to inventory works of art. For artists or art organizations, this inventory will allow you to have all the information about your art collection in one place (information about the artwork, if and where it is exhibited, price, if it is sold, etc. ). In this instructional video, Tina also explains, step by step, how to include formulas to calculate commissions and how to sort your inventory to facilitate submissions.


How to create an invoice template using Google Sheets

The third tutorial in this series will help you create a professional invoice with Google Sheets.  Whether it's to send to a customer who has purchased a piece of artwork or for some other professional service provided, this tutorial will teach you how to easily create an efficient invoice template, including formulas, that will save you time in the future.


We hope these tutorials will help you enrich your toolbox. As always, we appreciate your feedback on our "How to" series. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions or suggestions for future tutorials that would be useful to you!


Instructions to add subtitles/closed captions to the video:

  • Click on the cc button at the bottom of the video to activate captions;
  • To change the language, click on the cog symbol to access the settings;
  • Click on subtitles/cc;
  • Go to auto-translate and select the language that you want.